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Coping Skills for Kids: Workbook & Flip Chart Set - Stress, Anxiety, and Anger Management Tools for Families

Coping Skills for Kids: Workbook & Flip Chart Set - Stress, Anxiety, and Anger Management Tools for Families

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Coping Skills for Kids Workbook & Flip Chart: Building Resilience and Emotional Intelligence in Children"

In today's fast-paced world, learning to navigate stress, anxiety, and anger is crucial for young minds. The Coping Skills for Kids Workbook provides a treasure trove of over 75 innovative and engaging activities to help children develop essential coping strategies. Authored by Janine Halloran, LMHC, the workbook draws on her wealth of experience in schools, mental health clinics, and parenting.

Designed to calm young minds and balance their energy, this workbook introduces kids to practical techniques for processing challenging feelings. Loved by counselors, educators, and parents, it transforms learning into a fun and interactive experience.

Accompanying the workbook, the Coping Skills for Kids Flip Chart offers a colorful, interactive approach to explore coping styles. Therapists and professionals can use this tool to guide children in handling stress safely and healthily. With fully illustrated, kid-friendly designs, this psychoeducational tool covers five core coping areas:

Relaxation: Deep breathing exercises and grounding techniques.
Distraction: Creative activities like 'Complete the Squiggle' and 'Would You Rather.'
Movement: Small and big body movements promoting physical expression.
Sensory: Calming jar activities and yoga poses for sensory engagement.
Processing: Tools like 'Worry Box' and 'Feelings Thermometer' for emotional understanding.
Each intervention is presented with vibrant client-facing visuals and corresponding therapist-facing guidance. Moreover, this digital edition ensures seamless use, allowing you to interact with the material using markup tools in your ebook reader or telehealth platform.

Equip children with the skills they need to thrive emotionally and mentally with this dynamic, comprehensive resource. Perfect for individual sessions, groups, classrooms, or family settings, it's a vital tool for fostering resilience and emotional intelligence in young minds.

Table of Contents:

Relaxation Coping Skills
Distraction Coping Skills
Movement Coping Skills
Sensory Coping Skills
Processing Coping Skills

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